Pre-schools and Kindergartens

Our Pre-school program, is a comprehensive and fun-filled. We focus on building robust students who are well prepared to start formal schooling. 

We have incorporated all the essential elements required of Indian educational boards and incorporated the essential beneficial for International students.

We lay emphasis on Activity-Based learning with Learning Centers.

Preschools,  Playschools and Kindergartens are common place these days. But the safety and security of your child is of paramount importance. Hence while choosing a Preschool or Kindergarten you need to check its authenticity.

Remember, a good play school has a positive impact on your child, while a bad play school is bound to have the opposite. 

So check the concept and philosophy behind it? Does it have an effective Preschool Program? How do they choose to be different from others? What are the educational and academic advantages? Check the student–teacher ratio? Will your child be well looked after (safe and secure) while you are away? Are maids in attendance all the time?

Tour the premises and see for yourself. In addition to ample space and ventilation, ensure safety, security and hygiene.


Please contact the Kindergarten Manager