Welcome to The English Kindergarten, Chennai

An International-standard Kindergarten located in Thiruvanmiyur Chennai.

A place where we strive to maintain high standards for the benefit of your child.

High academic standards & high standards of safety & hygiene.

As a parent or guardian it is vital that you know what academic standards we follow ,

and how we intend to prepare your child for future schooling.

Therefore, we have prepared a Preschool program, that comprises the essential,

elements necessary for your child's schooling.

Our Preschool program, is comprehensive and fun-filled


We have focused on building robust students who are well prepared to start formal schooling.

We have incorporated all the essential elements required of Indian educational boards and

beneficial for International students as well.

We lay emphasis on Activity-Based learning with Learning Centers.

The English Kindergarten Thiruvanmiyur Chennai will remain closed as per Government orders due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Be Safe.